China Standard Self Aligning Ball Bearing 03b140m 03b507 03b508 03bcp140mm Ex Gr Heavy Duty Bearing Customized Non-Standard Bearings Split Bearings Cooper Split Bearing wholesaler

Product Description


        CZPT Hydraulics ZheJiang Co., a scientific and professional bearing producing enterprise, gathering R&D, producing and sales as 1  integration.mainly operating on non-standard, special andgeneral bearings.

       The company is especially focusing on the research and manufacture of general high-tech production with the 20 years R&D experience, professional R&D staff and advanced equipment, of which 8 sets are imported equipment and 40 sets are high-precision processing equipment. it has invested for building a modern workshop, including 1 Bainite heat processing workshop of world advanced level, 1 machine processing workshop, 2 moder thermostatic &no-dust roller grinders, assembly workshop, physical-chemical testing center, heating laboratory and moder-managed warehouse. Depending on the markets in China and abroad, the company puts an active attitude upon products R&D, resulting a healthy circulation of 1 development generation, 1 reserve generation, and 1 producion generation. The enterprise enlarges the R&D investment, creates own brand, and strives to increase the exporting products of high-tech & high value-added, gains the honorable sales result and grows into 1 of the largest R&D enterprise in China of non-standard bearing and special bearing.

       The advanced technology, outstanding quaity and considerable service after sales with enthusiasm make us get the rapid development in quite short time of years, and now it becomes the largest developing and producing enterprise in Asia of concrete carrier truck, speed-reducing machine,mine-digging machine, hydraulic pump spindle bearing and crecent bearing. With the continuing and wholly new developing theory of Technology is the motivation and quality is the life, We are not only pursuing the leading position in China, but also determined to march into the worldwide bearing area during it developing process, The products are mainly applied on the industries of mine, metalurgy, engineering, machineny, machine tool,electronic machine and so on, The products have gained the excllent sales resul in the markets of Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East and so on in a dozen of countries and areas.



Number Shaft Diameter
Number Shaft Diameter
Number Shaft Diameter
Number Shaft Diameter
01B103 EX/GR 1 3-16″ 01B500 EX/GR 5″ 02B115 EX/GR 1 15/16″ 02EB607 EX/GR 6 7/16″
01B104 EX/GR 1 1/4″ 01B503 EX/GR 5 3/16″ 02B200 EX/GR 2″ 02EB608 EX/GR 6 1/2″
01B107EX/GR 1 7/16″ 01B507 EX/GR 5 7/16″ 394 02B203 EX/GR 2 3/16″ 02EB615 EX/GR 6 15/16″
01B108EX/GR 1 1/2″ 01B508 EX/GR 5 1/2″ 02B204 EX/GR 2 1/4″ 02EB700 EX/GR 7″
01EB111EX/GR 1 11/16″ 01B515 EX/GR 5 15/16″  02B207 EX/GR 2 7/16″ 02EB715 EX/GR 7 15/16″
01EB112EX/GR 1 3/4″ 01B600 EX/GR 6″ 02B208 EX/GR 2 1/2″ 02EB800 EX/GR 8″
01EB115EX/GR 1 15/16″ 01EB607 EX/GR 6 7/16″ 02B211 EX/GR 2 11/16″ 02EB900 EX/GR 9″
01EB200EX/GR 2″ 01EB608 EX/GR 6 1/2″ 02B212 EX/GR 2 3/4″ 02EB1000 EX/GR 10″
01EB203EX/GR 2 3/16″ 01B615 EX/GR 6 15/16″ 02B215 EX/GR 2 15/16″ 02EB1100 EX/GR 11″
01EB204EX/GR 2 1/4″ 01B700 EX/GR 7″ 02B300 EX/GR 3″ 02EB1200 EX/GR 12″
01EB207EX/GR 2 7/16″ 01EB715 EX/GR 7 15/16″ 02B303 EX/GR 3 3/16″ 02B1300 EX/GR 13″
01EB208EX/GR 2 1/2″ 01EB800 EX/GR 8″ 02B304 EX/GR 3 1/4″ 02B1400 EX/GR 14″
01EB211EX/GR 2 11/16″ 01EB900 EX/GR 9″ 02B307 EX/GR 3 7/16″ 02B1500 EX/GR 15″
01EB212EX/GR 2 3/4″ 01EB1000 EX/GR 10″ 02B308 EX/GR 3 1/2″ 02B1600 EX/GR 16″
01EB215EX/GR 2 15/16″ 01EB1100 EX/GR 11″ 02B311 EX/GR 3 11/16″ 02B1700 EX/GR 17″
01EB300EX/GR 3″ 01EB1200 EX/GR 12″ 02B312 EX/GR 3 3/4″ 02B1800 EX/GR 18″
01EB303EX/GR 3 3/16″ 01B1300 EX/GR 13″ 02B315 EX/GR 3 15/16″ 02B1900 EX/GR 19″
01EB304EX/GR 3 1/4″ 01B1400 EX/GR 14″ 02B400 EX/GR 4″ 02B2000 EX/GR 20″
01EB307EX/GR 3 7/16″ 01B1500 EX/GR 15″ 02B403 EX/GR 4 3/16″ 02B2100 EX/GR 21″
01EB308EX/GR 3 1/2″ 01B1600 EX/GR 16″ 02B407 EX/GR 4 7/16″ 02B2200 EX/GR 22″
01EB311EX/GR 3 11/16″ 01B1700 EX/GR 17″ 02B408 EX/GR 4 1/2″ 02B2300 EX/GR 23″
01EB312EX/GR 3 3/4″ 01B1800 EX/GR 18″ 02B415 EX/GR 4 15/16″ 02B2400 EX/GR 24″
01EB315EX/GR 3 15/16″ 01B1900 EX/GR 19″ 02B500 EX/GR 5″    
01EB400EX/GR 4″ 01B2000 EX/GR 20″ 02B503 EX/GR 5 3/16″    
01EB403EX/GR 4 3/16″ 01B2100 EX/GR 21″ 02B507 EX/GR 5 7/16″    
01EB407EX/GR 4 7/16″ 01B2200 EX/GR 22″ 02B508 EX/GR 5 1/2″    
01B408 EX/GR 4 1/2″ 01B2300 EX/GR 23″ 02B515 EX/GR 5 15/16″    
01B415 EX/GR 4 15/16″ 01B2400 EX/GR 24″ 02B600 EX/GR 6″    
100 SERIES 03E SERIES Reminder
Number Shaft Diameter
Number Shaft Diameter
Number Shaft Diameter
Add ‘EX’ or ‘GR’ to reference for expansion or fixed type.

respectively,e.g:Bearing:03 B 280M EX or 03 B 1100 EX.

Cartridge:03 C 280M EX or 03 C 83 EX.

100B215EX/GR 2 15/16″ 03B315 EX/GR 3 15/16″ 03B800 EX/GR 8″
100B300EX/GR 3″ 03B400 EX/GR 4″ 03B900 EX/GR 9″
100B307EX/GR 3 7/16″ 03B407 EX/GR 4 7/16″ 03B1000 EX/GR 10″
100B315EX/GR 3 15/16″ 03B408 EX/GR 4 1/2″ 03EB1100 EX/GR 11″
100B400EX/GR 4″ 03B415 EX/GR 4 15/16″ 03B1200 EX/GR 12″
100B407EX/GR 4 7/16″ 03B500 EX/GR 5″ 03B1300 EX/GR 13″
100B408EX/GR 4 1/2″ 03B507 EX/GR 5 7/16″ 03EB1400 EX/GR 14″
100B415EX/GR 4 15/16″ 03B508 EX/GR 5 1/2″ 03B1500 EX/GR 15″
100B500EX/GR 5″ 03B515 EX/GR 5 15/16″ 03EB1700 EX/GR 17″
100B507EX/GR 5 7/16″ 03B600 EX/GR 6″ 03EB1800 EX/GR 18″
100B508EX/GR 5 1/2″ 03B607 EX/GR 6 7/16″ 03B2000 EX/GR 20″
100B515EX/GR 5 15/16″ 03B608 EX/GR 6 1/2″ 03EB2200 EX/GR 22″
100B600EX/GR 6″ 03B615 EX/GR 6 15/16″ 03EB2300 EX/GR 23″
100B715EX/GR 7 15/16″ 03B700 EX/GR 7″    
100B800EX/GR 8″ 03B715 EX/GR 7 15/16″     

Chinese model
01B  01EB
  01B35M EX GR      01B115M EX GR      01B220M EX GR      01B1400-360M EX GR   
  01B40M EX GR      01B120M EX GR      01B230M EX GR      01B360M EX GR   
  01EB45M EX GR      01B125M EX GR      01B240M EX GR      01B380M EX GR   
  01EB50M EX GR      01B130M EX GR      01B250M EX GR      01B390M EX GR   
  01EB55M EX GR      01B135M EX GR      01B1000-260M EX GR      01B400M EX GR   
  01EB60M EX GR      01B140M EX GR      01B260M EX GR      01B420M EX GR   
  01EB65M EX GR      01B150M EX GR      01B270M EX GR      01B440M EX GR   
  01EB70M EX GR      01B155M EX GR      01B275M EX GR      01B3460M EX GR   
  01EB75M EX GR      01B600-160M EX GR      01B280M EX GR      01B480M EX GR   
  01EB80M EX GR      01B160M EX GR      01B290M EX GR      01B500M EX GR   
  01EB85M EX GR      01B608-170M EX GR      01B300M EX GR      01B530M EX GR   
  01EB90M EX GR      01B170M EX GR      01B320M EX GR      01B3560M EX GR   
  01EB95M EX GR      01B175M EX GR      01B330M EX GR      01B3580M EX GR   
  01EB100M EX GR      01B180M EX GR      01B1300-340M EX GR      01B3600M EX GR   
  01EB105M EX GR      01B190M EX GR      01B340M EX GR     
  01B110M EX GR      01B200M EX GR      01B350M EX GR     
02B   02EB
  02B50M EX GR      02B125M EX GR      02B220M EX GR      02B400M EX GR   
  02B60M EX GR      02B130M EX GR      02B230M EX GR      02B420M EX GR   
  02B65M EX GR      02B140M EX GR      02B240M EX GR      02B440M EX GR   
  02B70M EX GR      02B145M EX GR      02B250M EX GR      02B460M EX GR   
  02B75M EX GR      02B150M EX GR      02B260M EX GR      02B480M EX GR   
  02B80M EX GR      02B155M EX GR      02B280M EX GR      02B500M EX GR   
  02B85M EX GR      02B600-160M EX GR      02B300M EX GR      02B530M EX GR   
  02B90M EX GR      02B160M EX GR      02B320M EX GR      02B560M EX GR   
  02B100M EX GR      02B170M EX GR      02B330M EX GR      02B580M EX GR   
  02B105M EX GR      02B175M EX GR      02B340M EX GR      02B600M EX GR   
  02B110M EX GR      02B180M EX GR      02B350M EX GR     
  02B115M EX GR      02B190M EX GR      02B360M EX GR     
  02B120M EX GR      02B200M EX GR      02B380M EX GR     
03B  03EB  03XB  03E
  03B100M EX GR      03B190M EX GR      03B290M EX GR      03EB440M EX GR   
  03B110M EX GR      03EB600M EX GR      03B300M EX GR      03EB460M EX GR   
  03B120M EX GR      03B200M EX GR      03B320M EX GR      03XB460M EX GR   
  03B130M EX GR      03B220M EX GR      03EB340M EX GR      03XB480M EX GR   
  03B140M EX GR      03B240M EX GR      03EB360M EX GR      03B500M EX GR   
  03B150M EX GR      03B250M EX GR      03XB360M EX GR      03B530M EX GR   
  03B160M EX GR      03B260M EX GR      03B380M EX GR      03EB560M EX GR   
  03B170M EX GR      03XB280M EX GR      03B400M EX GR     
  03B180M EX GR      03EB280M EX GR      03EB420M EX GR     
  100B75M EX GR      100B100M EX GR      100B120M EX GR      100B140M EX GR   
  100B85M EX GR      100B110M EX GR      100B130M EX GR      100B140M EX GR   







1. how can we guarantee quality?
Always final Inspection before shipment;

2.what can you buy from us?
Auto Bearing,Bearing Housing,Taper Roller Bearing,Casting,Hydraulic pump,Hydraulic parts,excavator parts and so on.

Ceep groove ball bearing/Self aligning ball bearing/Cylindrical roller bearing/Spherical roller bearing/ Angular contact ball bearing/Tapered roller bearing/ Thrust ball bearing/Thrust cylindrical roller bearing/Needle roller bearing

3. why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
One stop bearing and mechanical customized parts,
Designed bearing,
Small quantity order available 
Factory price offer
OEM ODM bearing service

4.What is the transportation?
lf small quantity,we suggest to send by express,such as DHL,UPS,TNT FEDEX flarge amount,by air or sea shipping.

5.Can we design packaging?
Except regular packing,and we can make customer’s own packing.

6.What’s your payment method?
We can accept LC, T/T, D/P, PayPal, Western Union, Small-amount payment, MoneyGram etc.

7.Can the company provide free samples?
We can provide samples for free. You only need to provide shipping.

8.Is the company a production factory or a trading company?
MKS company is a manufacturing enterprise focusing on bearings ,hydraulic pumps and hydraulic parts , produce and sales.

If you have any questions,Please contact us,We must be reply quickly.
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Rolling Body: Roller Bearings
The Number of Rows: Single
Outer Dimension: Small and Medium-Sized (60-115mm)
Material: Bearing Steel
Spherical: Aligning Bearings
Load Direction: Radial Bearing
US$ 0/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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pillow block bearing

What challenges are associated with lubrication distribution in pillow block bearings, and how are they addressed?

Lubrication distribution in pillow block bearings can pose certain challenges, but these challenges can be effectively addressed through various methods and techniques. Here are the key challenges associated with lubrication distribution in pillow block bearings and their corresponding solutions:

  • Inadequate Lubricant Supply:
  • One common challenge is ensuring an adequate and consistent supply of lubricant to the bearing. Inadequate lubrication can lead to increased friction, heat generation, and premature wear. To address this challenge, proper lubrication procedures should be followed, including using the correct type and quantity of lubricant recommended by the bearing manufacturer. Regular lubrication inspections and monitoring can help ensure that the bearing receives sufficient lubricant to maintain optimal performance.

  • Lubricant Contamination:
  • Contamination of the lubricant can occur due to various factors, such as the ingress of dirt, dust, or moisture into the bearing housing. Contaminated lubricant can hinder proper lubrication distribution and compromise the bearing’s performance. To address this challenge, effective sealing mechanisms, such as rubber seals or labyrinth seals, are incorporated into pillow block bearings to prevent the entry of contaminants. Regular inspection and cleaning of the bearing housing and lubrication system can also help maintain a clean lubricant supply.

  • Uneven Lubrication Distribution:
  • Uneven distribution of lubricant within the bearing can lead to localized areas of high friction and increased wear. This can occur due to factors such as improper lubrication techniques, misalignment, or the presence of obstructions within the bearing housing. To address this challenge, it is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for lubrication methods and intervals. Proper alignment of the bearing and shafts, along with regular inspection and maintenance, can help ensure even lubricant distribution and prevent premature wear.

  • Over-Lubrication:
  • Over-lubrication can be as detrimental as inadequate lubrication. Excessive lubricant can result in increased drag, higher operating temperatures, and potential leakage. It can also lead to the accumulation of contaminants within the bearing housing. To overcome this challenge, it is essential to adhere to the recommended lubrication quantities specified by the bearing manufacturer. Monitoring techniques, such as visual inspection or the use of condition monitoring tools, can help identify signs of over-lubrication and allow for adjustments to be made accordingly.

  • Lubricant Degradation:
  • Lubricants can degrade over time due to factors such as oxidation, contamination, or high operating temperatures. Degraded lubricants lose their effectiveness, leading to inadequate lubrication and increased friction. To address this challenge, regular lubricant analysis and monitoring can help determine the lubricant’s condition and identify the need for replenishment or replacement. Lubricant selection should also consider the operating conditions and temperature ranges to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

  • Automatic Lubrication Systems:
  • Pillow block bearings in certain applications benefit from the use of automatic lubrication systems. These systems provide a controlled and consistent supply of lubricant to the bearing, eliminating the challenges associated with manual lubrication. Automatic lubrication systems can be designed to deliver precise amounts of lubricant at regular intervals, ensuring optimal lubrication distribution. They can also incorporate monitoring features to detect abnormalities or malfunctions in the lubrication system and allow for timely corrective actions.

In summary, challenges associated with lubrication distribution in pillow block bearings include inadequate lubricant supply, lubricant contamination, uneven distribution, over-lubrication, lubricant degradation, and the need for precise and consistent lubrication. These challenges can be effectively addressed through proper lubrication procedures, sealing mechanisms, regular inspection and maintenance, adherence to manufacturer guidelines, monitoring techniques, lubricant analysis, and the use of automatic lubrication systems where applicable. By addressing these challenges, optimal lubrication distribution can be achieved, leading to improved performance, reduced wear, and extended bearing life.

pillow block bearing

Are there specific maintenance practices that can extend the lifespan of pillow block bearings?

Yes, there are specific maintenance practices that can help extend the lifespan of pillow block bearings. By following these practices, you can optimize the performance, reliability, and longevity of the bearings. Here are some essential maintenance practices for pillow block bearings:

  • Regular Inspection:
  • Perform regular inspections of the pillow block bearings to check for any signs of wear, damage, or contamination. Inspect the bearing housing, seals, lubrication, and any visible components. Regular inspections help identify issues early on and allow for timely maintenance or replacement.

  • Lubrication:
  • Proper lubrication is crucial for the smooth operation of pillow block bearings. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the type of lubricant and the appropriate lubrication intervals. Ensure that the bearing is adequately lubricated to reduce friction, prevent excessive wear, and protect against corrosion.

  • Cleanliness:
  • Maintain cleanliness in the surrounding area of pillow block bearings to prevent the entry of contaminants. Keep the bearing housing clean and free from dirt, dust, and debris that can cause damage or hinder smooth operation. Regularly clean the bearing housing and seals as part of your maintenance routine.

  • Alignment:
  • Ensure proper alignment of the pillow block bearings and the associated components. Misalignment can lead to increased stress, vibration, and premature wear. Align the bearings according to the manufacturer’s specifications and make adjustments as necessary to maintain proper alignment.

  • Temperature Monitoring:
  • Monitor the operating temperature of the pillow block bearings. Excessive heat can indicate potential issues such as inadequate lubrication or bearing damage. Continuously high temperatures can accelerate wear and reduce the lifespan of the bearings. Regularly check the temperature and address any abnormal readings promptly.

  • Training and Documentation:
  • Provide proper training to personnel responsible for the maintenance of pillow block bearings. Ensure they understand the correct procedures for inspection, lubrication, and other maintenance tasks. Maintain documentation of maintenance activities, including lubrication schedules, inspections, and any repairs or replacements, for reference and tracking purposes.

  • Replacement when Necessary:
  • Finally, it is important to replace pillow block bearings when they show signs of significant wear, damage, or have reached their expected lifespan. Continuing to operate with worn or damaged bearings can lead to failures, production disruptions, and potential safety hazards. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and consult with bearing specialists or technicians to determine the appropriate timing for replacement.

By implementing these maintenance practices, you can extend the lifespan of pillow block bearings, improve their performance, and minimize the risk of unexpected failures. Regular inspections, proper lubrication, cleanliness, alignment, temperature monitoring, training, documentation, and timely replacement are key factors in ensuring the longevity and efficient operation of pillow block bearings.

pillow block bearing

What are the common applications and industries where pillow block bearings are commonly used?

Pillow block bearings are widely used in various applications and industries where there is a need to support rotating shafts or other moving parts. These bearings offer versatility, ease of installation, and reliable performance. Here’s a detailed explanation of the common applications and industries where pillow block bearings are commonly used:

  • Industrial Machinery:
  • Pillow block bearings find extensive use in industrial machinery across different sectors. They are commonly employed in conveyor systems, packaging machinery, material handling equipment, printing presses, textile machinery, and food processing equipment. These bearings provide support and smooth rotation for shafts, pulleys, rollers, and other components, contributing to the efficient operation of the machinery.

  • Agricultural Equipment:
  • In the agricultural industry, pillow block bearings are utilized in various equipment such as tractors, combines, harvesters, and irrigation systems. They are used to support rotating elements like shafts, wheels, pulleys, and augers. Pillow block bearings help withstand heavy loads, provide reliable operation, and ensure the longevity of agricultural machinery under challenging field conditions.

  • Mining and Quarrying:
  • Pillow block bearings are employed in mining and quarrying operations where heavy-duty equipment is used. They are utilized in crushers, screens, conveyors, and vibrating equipment. These bearings can handle high loads and harsh operating conditions, making them suitable for the demanding environments encountered in mining and quarrying applications.

  • Construction and Building:
  • Pillow block bearings play a vital role in the construction and building industry. They are commonly used in concrete mixers, cranes, hoists, elevators, and escalators. These bearings provide support and enable smooth movement for various components and systems involved in construction and building processes.

  • Automotive and Transportation:
  • Pillow block bearings are utilized in automotive and transportation applications. They are used in commercial vehicles, buses, trucks, and trailers. These bearings support rotating shafts, wheels, and suspension systems, ensuring smooth operation and reducing friction and wear in automotive and transportation equipment.

  • Power Generation:
  • The power generation industry relies on pillow block bearings for applications such as turbines, generators, pumps, and fans. These bearings provide support and rotational motion for various components in power generation systems. They are designed to handle high temperatures, heavy loads, and high-speed operations commonly encountered in power plants.

  • HVAC and Refrigeration:
  • Pillow block bearings are commonly used in heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), and refrigeration systems. They are employed in fans, blowers, compressors, and pumps. These bearings ensure smooth and efficient operation of HVAC and refrigeration equipment, contributing to the comfort and functionality of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

These are just a few examples of the many applications and industries where pillow block bearings are commonly used. The versatility and reliability of these bearings make them indispensable in numerous fields, where they provide essential support and rotational motion for various machinery and equipment.

China Standard Self Aligning Ball Bearing 03b140m 03b507 03b508 03bcp140mm Ex Gr Heavy Duty Bearing Customized Non-Standard Bearings Split Bearings Cooper Split Bearing   wholesalerChina Standard Self Aligning Ball Bearing 03b140m 03b507 03b508 03bcp140mm Ex Gr Heavy Duty Bearing Customized Non-Standard Bearings Split Bearings Cooper Split Bearing   wholesaler
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