China Hot selling China Supply High Speed UCP203 UC210 UC211 UC212 Pillow Block Bearing for Machinery, Agriculture Machinery bearing example

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Yiboyuan (HangZhou City) Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Bacha Road Industrial Park, HangZhou City, HangZhou City, ZheJiang Province, is a professional manufacturer of linear bearings 

integrating design, research and development, production and sales. The company’s main products are: YBYZ linear bearings, YBYZ linear flange bearings, YBYZ nickel-plated linear bearings, YBYZ steel linear bearings, YBYZ box sliders, YBYZ smooth shaft supports, YBYZ self lubricating bearings, YBYZ outer steel inner copper linear bearings, YBYZ aluminum-plastic linear bearings, YBYZ all-plastic linear 

bearings, YBYZ graphite copper sleeved linear bearings, YBYZ fixed rings, nut seats, cross shaft brackets and so on. Yiboyuan linear bearings should build the most complete linear bearing enterprises and smooth shaft supporting products at home and abroad, and solve one-stop procurement services for automation companies.Our mission – to create revenue benefits for customers, provide high-quality products for the market, and create a stage for employees to play, the future Yiboyuan is a high-tech, service-oriented, international Yiboyuan, to build a century-old brand is our continuous goal.

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Yiboyuan (HangZhou) Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of linear motion products with many years of experience. And has its own registered brand YBYZ, we specialize in the production of linear bearings, plain bearings, shaft bearings, box sliders, self-lubricating copper sleeve. Good quality, competitive price. Our company is located in HangZhou City, ZheJiang Province. Close to HangZhou Port, ZheJiang Port. 


Our products are widely used in precision machinery, fitness equipment, printing presses, packaging machines, medical and food machinery, textile machinery and other machinery and auxiliary equipment. Our products sell well in North America, Western Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America and other regions.

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UC201 0.2 UCP201 0.61 UCF201 0.59 UCFL201 0.44 UCT201 0.75 UCFC201 0.71 UCPA201 0.56
UC201-8 0.19 UCP201-8 0.6 UCF201-8 0.58 UCFL201-8 0.43 UCT201-8 0.74 UCFC201-8 0.7 UCPA201-8 0.55
UC202 0.18 UCP202 0.59 UCF202 0.57 UCFL202 0.42 UCT202 0.73 UCFC202 0.69 UCPA202 0.54
UC202-10 0.18 UCP202-10 0.59 UCF202-10 0.57 UCFL202-10 0.42 UCT202-10 0.73 UCFC202-10 0.69 UCPA202-10 0.54
UC203 0.17 UCP203 0.58 UCF203 0.56 UCFL203 0.41 UCT203 0.72 UCFC203 0.68 UCPA203 0.53
UC204 0.15 UCP204 0.61 UCF204 0.54 UCFL204 0.39 UCT204 0.7 UCFC204 0.66 UCPA204 0.51
UC204-12 0.16 UCP204-12 0.62 UCF204-12 0.55 UCFL204-12 0.4 UCT204-12 0.71 UCFC204-12 0.67 UCPA204-12 0.52
UC205 0.19 UCP205 0.69 UCF205 0.66 UCFL205 0.57 UCT205 0.73 UCFC205 0.92 UCPA205 0.68
UC205-14 0.22 UCP205-14 0.72 UCF205-14 0.69 UCFL205-14 0.6 UCT205-14 0.76 UCFC205-14 0.95 UCPA205-14 0.71
UC205-15 0.2 UCP205-15 0.7 UCF205-15 0.67 UCFL205-15 0.58 UCT205-15 0.74 UCFC205-15 0.93 UCPA205-15 0.69
UC205-16 0.19 UCP205-16 0.69 UCF205-16 0.66 UCFL205-16 0.57 UCT205-16 0.73 UCFC205-16 0.92 UCPA205-16 0.68
UC206 0.3 UCP206 1.13 UCF206 0.93 UCFL206 0.76 UCT206 1.17 UCFC206 1.21 UCPA206 0.99
UC206-18 0.32 UCP206-18 1.15 UCF206-18 0.95 UCFL206-18 0.78 UCT206-18 1.19 UCFC206-18 1.23 UCPA206-18 1.01
UC206-19 0.3 UCP206-19 1.13 UCF206-19 0.93 UCFL206-19 0.76 UCT206-19 1.17 UCFC206-19 1.21 UCPA206-19 0.99
UC206-20 0.28 UCP206-20 1.11 UCF206-20 0.91 UCFL206-20 0.74 UCT206-20 1.15 UCFC206-20 1.19 UCPA206-20 0.97
UC207 0.45 UCP207 1.34 UCF207 1.2 UCFL207 1.05 UCT207 1.45 UCFC207 1.5 UCPA207 1.42
UC207-20 0.5 UCP207-20 1.39 UCF207-20 1.25 UCFL207-20 1.1 UCT207-20 1.5 UCFC207-20 1.55 UCPA207-20 1.47
UC207-21 0.48 UCP207-21 1.37 UCF207-21 1.23 UCFL207-21 1.08 UCT207-21 1.48 UCFC207-21 1.53 UCPA207-21 1.45
UC207-22 0.45 UCP207-22 1.34 UCF207-22 1.2 UCFL207-22 1.05 UCT207-22 1.45 UCFC207-22 1.5 UCPA207-22 1.42
UC207-23 0.43 UCP207-23 1.32 UCF207-23 1.18 UCFL207-23 1.03 UCT207-23 1.43 UCFC207-23 1.48 UCPA207-23 1.4
UC208 0.59 UCP208 1.8 UCF208 1.57 UCFL208 1.34 UCT208 2.11 UCFC208 1.87 UCPA208 1.64
UC208-24 0.64 UCP208-24 1.85 UCF208-24 1.62 UCFL208-24 1.39 UCT208-24 2.16 UCFC208-24 1.92 UCPA208-24 1.69
UC209 0.65 UCP209 1.84 UCF209 1.76 UCFL209 1.7 UCT209 2.18 UCFC209 2.34 UCPA209 1.8
UC209-26 0.74 UCP209-26 1.93 UCF209-26 1.85 UCFL209-26 1.79 UCT209-26 2.27 UCFC209-26 2.43 UCPA209-26 1.89
UC209-27 0.71 UCP209-27 1.9 UCF209-27 1.82 UCFL209-27 1.76 UCT209-27 2.24 UCFC209-27 2.4 UCPA209-27 1.86
UC209-28 0.68 UCP209-28 1.87 UCF209-28 1.79 UCFL209-28 1.73 UCT209-28 2.21 UCFC209-28 2.37 UCPA209-28 1.83
UC210 0.74 UCP210 2.49 UCF210 2.05 UCFL210 1.92 UCT210 2.35 UCFC210 2.72 UCPA210 2.23
UC210-30 0.85 UCP210-30 2.6 UCF210-30 2.16 UCFL210-30 2.03 UCT210-30 2.46 UCFC210-30 2.83 UCPA210-30 2.34
UC210-31 0.76 UCP210-31 2.51 UCF210-31 2.07 UCFL210-31 1.94 UCT210-31 2.37 UCFC210-31 2.74 UCPA210-31 2.25
UC210-32 0.71 UCP210-32 2.46 UCF210-32 2.02 UCFL210-32 1.89 UCT210-32 2.32 UCFC210-32 2.69 UCPA210-32 2.2
UC211 0.96 UCP211 2.91 UCF211 2.96 UCFL211 2.73 UCT211 3.56 UCFC211 3.66 UCPA211 2.79
UC211-32 1.1 UCP211-32 3.05 UCF211-32 3.1 UCFL211-32 2.87 UCT211-32 3.7 UCFC211-32 3.8 UCPA211-32 2.93
UC211-34 1.01 UCP211-34 2.96 UCF211-34 3.01 UCFL211-34 2.78 UCT211-34 3.61 UCFC211-34 3.71 UCPA211-34 2.84
UC211-35 0.93 UCP211-35 2.88 UCF211-35 2.93 UCFL211-35 2.7 UCT211-35 3.53 UCFC211-35 3.63 UCPA211-35 2.76
UC212 1.38 UCP212 3.98 UCF212 3.54 UCFL212 3.56 UCT212 4.23 UCFC212 4.58 UCPA212 3.66
UC212-36 1.51 UCP212-36 4.11 UCF212-36 3.67 UCFL212-36 3.69 UCT212-36 4.36 UCFC212-36 4.71 UCPA212-36 3.79
UC212-38 1.37 UCP212-38 3.97 UCF212-38 3.53 UCFL212-38 3.55 UCT212-38 4.22 UCFC212-38 4.57 UCPA212-38 3.65
UC212-39 1.27 UCP212-39 3.87 UCF212-39 3.43 UCFL212-39 3.45 UCT212-39 4.12 UCFC212-39 4.47 UCPA212-39 3.55
UC213 1.67 UCP213 5.17 UCF213 4.92 UCFL213 4.37 UCT213 6.04 UCFC213 5.07    
UC213-40 1.75 UCP213-40 5.25 UCF213-40 5 UCFL213-40 4.45 UCT213-40 6.12 UCFC213-40 5.15    
UC214 1.95 UCP214 5.57 UCF214 5.09 UCFL214 4.95 UCT214 6.35 UCFC214 6.15    
UC214-44 1.95 UCP214-44 5.57 UCF214-44 5.09 UCFL214-44 4.95 UCT214-44 6.35 UCFC214-44 6.15    
UC215 2.14 UCP215 6.14 UCF215 5.79 UCFL215 5.18 UCT215 6.6 UCFC215 6.79    
UC215-47 2.17 UCP215-47 6.17 UCF215-47 5.82 UCFL215-47 5.21 UCT215-47 6.63 UCFC215-47 6.82    
UC215-48 2.06 UCP215-48 6.06 UCF215-48 5.71 UCFL215-48 5.1 UCT215-48 6.52 UCFC215-48 6.71    
UC216 2.61 UCP216 7.11 UCF216 6.91 UCFL216 6.36 UCT216 7.24 UCFC216 8.01    
UC217 3.38 UCP217 9.18 UCF217 8.63 UCFL217 7.68 UCT217 10.33 UCFC217 9.18    
UC218 4 UCP218 10.63 UCF218 9.5 UCFL218 9.54 UCT218 11.8 UCFC218 11.3    
UC218-56 4.1 UCP218-56 10.73 UCF218-56 9.6 UCFL218-56 9.64 UCT218-56 11.9 UCFC218-56 11.4    
    UCP220 14.5 UCF220 13                
UC305 0.34 UCP305 1.28 SA201 0.13 SB201 0.1 UK205 0.16 NA204 0.2 UKP205 0.66
UC306 0.52 UCP306 1.72 SA202 0.12 SB202 0.09 UK206 0.25 NA205 0.25 UKP206 1.08
UC307 0.68 UCP307 2.33 SA203 0.1 SB203 0.08 UK207 0.36 NA206 0.38 UKP207 1.25
UC308 0.95 UCP308 3.01 SA204 0.16 SB204 0.12 UK208 0.44 NA207 0.54 UKP208 1.65
UC309 1.22 UCP309 3.77 SA205 0.19 SB205 0.16 UK209 0.51 NA208 0.73 UKP209 1.7
UC310 1.57 UCP310 5.47 SA206 0.3 SB206 0.25 UK210 0.56 NA209 0.79 UKP210 2.31
UC311 1.98 UCP311 6.83 SA207 0.45 SB207 0.36 UK211 0.74 NA210 0.95 UKP211 2.69
UC312 2.45 UCP312 8.15 SA208 0.6 SB208 0.45 UK212 1     UKP212 3.6
UC313 3.14 UCP313 9.41 SA209 0.64 SB209 0.56 UK213 1.27     UKP213 4.77
UC314 3.62 UCP314 11.08 SA210 0.71 SB210 0.62 UK215 1.52     UKP215 5.52
UC315 4.5 UCP315 13.8         UK216 1.84     UKP216 6.34
UC316 5.2 UCP316 16.2         UK217 2.34     UKP217 8.14
UC317 6.63             UK218 2.85     UKP218 9.48
UC318 7.33                        
UC319 8.37                        
UC320 10.32                        


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* Industrial pakage

  Address:     Industrial Park, Bachalu Town, HangZhou City.HangZhou City, ZheJiang Province.

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Aligning: Aligning Bearing
Separated: Unseparated
Feature: Vacuum, Magnetically, Low Temperature, Corrosion Resistant, High Temperature, High Speed
Rows Number: Multiple
Raceway: Crowned Raceway
Material: Bearing Steel
US$ 0.1/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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pillow block bearing

How do pillow block bearings contribute to the proper functioning of food processing equipment?

Pillow block bearings play a crucial role in ensuring the proper functioning of food processing equipment. They provide reliable support and smooth operation for rotating shafts and components in various stages of food processing. Here are the key contributions of pillow block bearings to the proper functioning of food processing equipment:

  • Sanitary Design:
  • In food processing environments, maintaining strict hygiene standards is essential. Pillow block bearings designed for food processing equipment are constructed with materials and features that adhere to sanitary requirements. They are often made from stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant materials that are easy to clean and withstand frequent washdowns. Additionally, these bearings have smooth surfaces, rounded edges, and minimal crevices to prevent the accumulation of food particles, debris, or bacteria. The sanitary design of pillow block bearings ensures the integrity and cleanliness of the equipment, minimizing the risk of contamination and ensuring compliance with food safety regulations.

  • Reliable Performance:
  • Food processing equipment operates under demanding conditions, including high production rates, heavy loads, and frequent start-stop cycles. Pillow block bearings are designed to withstand these challenges and provide reliable performance. They offer excellent load-bearing capacity, shock resistance, and vibration damping capabilities. This ensures smooth and stable operation of rotating shafts, reducing the risk of equipment failure, downtime, and production interruptions. By contributing to the reliable performance of food processing equipment, pillow block bearings support efficient and uninterrupted food processing operations.

  • Corrosion Resistance:
  • Food processing environments often involve exposure to moisture, chemicals, and cleaning agents. Pillow block bearings designed for food processing equipment are highly resistant to corrosion and chemical attack. They are made from materials that can withstand the corrosive effects of food acids, cleaning solutions, and other substances encountered in the processing area. The corrosion resistance of these bearings helps maintain their structural integrity, extends their lifespan, and ensures reliable performance even in harsh operating conditions.

  • Contamination Prevention:
  • Preventing contamination is of utmost importance in food processing. Pillow block bearings incorporate sealing mechanisms, such as rubber seals or labyrinth seals, to prevent the entry of contaminants into the bearing housing. These seals provide a barrier against dirt, dust, moisture, and other external elements, minimizing the risk of contamination of the food products. The effective sealing of pillow block bearings helps maintain the cleanliness and purity of the processing environment, safeguarding the quality and safety of the food products.

  • Easy Maintenance:
  • Maintenance and cleanliness are critical in food processing equipment. Pillow block bearings are designed for easy maintenance, inspection, and cleaning. They often have features such as grease fittings or lubrication access points that facilitate the replenishment of lubricants without disassembling the bearing. This simplifies routine maintenance tasks and allows for timely lubrication, ensuring optimal bearing performance. The ease of maintenance of pillow block bearings contributes to the overall efficiency and reliability of food processing equipment.

  • Versatility:
  • Food processing equipment encompasses a wide range of applications, such as mixing, grinding, conveying, and packaging. Pillow block bearings offer versatility and can be used in various equipment types and configurations. They are available in different sizes, load capacities, and mounting options to accommodate the specific requirements of different food processing applications. The versatility of pillow block bearings allows for their integration into diverse equipment designs, supporting the proper functioning of food processing machinery.

In summary, pillow block bearings contribute to the proper functioning of food processing equipment by offering a sanitary design, ensuring reliable performance, providing corrosion resistance, preventing contamination, enabling easy maintenance, and offering versatility. By fulfilling these roles, pillow block bearings support the efficient, hygienic, and uninterrupted operation of food processing equipment while maintaining the highest standards of food safety and quality.

pillow block bearing

Are there specific maintenance practices that can extend the lifespan of pillow block bearings?

Yes, there are specific maintenance practices that can help extend the lifespan of pillow block bearings. By following these practices, you can optimize the performance, reliability, and longevity of the bearings. Here are some essential maintenance practices for pillow block bearings:

  • Regular Inspection:
  • Perform regular inspections of the pillow block bearings to check for any signs of wear, damage, or contamination. Inspect the bearing housing, seals, lubrication, and any visible components. Regular inspections help identify issues early on and allow for timely maintenance or replacement.

  • Lubrication:
  • Proper lubrication is crucial for the smooth operation of pillow block bearings. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the type of lubricant and the appropriate lubrication intervals. Ensure that the bearing is adequately lubricated to reduce friction, prevent excessive wear, and protect against corrosion.

  • Cleanliness:
  • Maintain cleanliness in the surrounding area of pillow block bearings to prevent the entry of contaminants. Keep the bearing housing clean and free from dirt, dust, and debris that can cause damage or hinder smooth operation. Regularly clean the bearing housing and seals as part of your maintenance routine.

  • Alignment:
  • Ensure proper alignment of the pillow block bearings and the associated components. Misalignment can lead to increased stress, vibration, and premature wear. Align the bearings according to the manufacturer’s specifications and make adjustments as necessary to maintain proper alignment.

  • Temperature Monitoring:
  • Monitor the operating temperature of the pillow block bearings. Excessive heat can indicate potential issues such as inadequate lubrication or bearing damage. Continuously high temperatures can accelerate wear and reduce the lifespan of the bearings. Regularly check the temperature and address any abnormal readings promptly.

  • Training and Documentation:
  • Provide proper training to personnel responsible for the maintenance of pillow block bearings. Ensure they understand the correct procedures for inspection, lubrication, and other maintenance tasks. Maintain documentation of maintenance activities, including lubrication schedules, inspections, and any repairs or replacements, for reference and tracking purposes.

  • Replacement when Necessary:
  • Finally, it is important to replace pillow block bearings when they show signs of significant wear, damage, or have reached their expected lifespan. Continuing to operate with worn or damaged bearings can lead to failures, production disruptions, and potential safety hazards. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and consult with bearing specialists or technicians to determine the appropriate timing for replacement.

By implementing these maintenance practices, you can extend the lifespan of pillow block bearings, improve their performance, and minimize the risk of unexpected failures. Regular inspections, proper lubrication, cleanliness, alignment, temperature monitoring, training, documentation, and timely replacement are key factors in ensuring the longevity and efficient operation of pillow block bearings.

pillow block bearing

How does proper lubrication impact the performance and longevity of pillow block bearings?

Proper lubrication plays a crucial role in the performance and longevity of pillow block bearings. It ensures smooth operation, reduces friction and wear, dissipates heat, and protects against corrosion. Here’s a detailed explanation of how proper lubrication impacts the performance and longevity of pillow block bearings:

  • Reduced Friction and Wear:
  • Lubrication forms a thin film between the rolling elements and the raceways of the pillow block bearing. This film of lubricant reduces friction and minimizes wear by providing a lubricating barrier between the moving surfaces. Reduced friction results in lower energy consumption, less heat generation, and decreased wear on the bearing components, leading to improved performance and prolonged service life.

  • Heat Dissipation:
  • During operation, pillow block bearings can generate heat due to the friction between the rolling elements and the raceways. Proper lubrication helps to dissipate this heat by carrying it away from the bearing surfaces. Effective heat dissipation prevents excessive temperature rise, which can cause lubricant degradation, thermal expansion, and accelerated wear. By maintaining proper lubrication, the pillow block bearing can operate within the desired temperature range, ensuring optimal performance and preventing premature failure.

  • Protection Against Corrosion:
  • Lubrication provides a protective barrier that helps to prevent corrosion and rust formation on the bearing surfaces. Corrosion can occur when moisture or contaminants penetrate the bearing and react with the metal surfaces. The lubricant acts as a barrier, preventing direct contact between the metal surfaces and the external environment, thus inhibiting corrosion and preserving the integrity of the bearing components. Proper lubrication with corrosion-resistant lubricants is particularly important in environments with high humidity, exposure to water, or corrosive substances.

  • Prevention of Contamination:
  • Pillow block bearings are susceptible to contamination from dust, dirt, and other particles present in the operating environment. Proper lubrication with appropriate sealing or shielding options helps to prevent the ingress of contaminants into the bearing. The lubricant forms a protective barrier, sealing off the bearing and reducing the risk of particle intrusion. By minimizing contamination, proper lubrication helps to maintain the smooth operation and integrity of the bearing, preventing premature wear and failure.

  • Extended Service Life:
  • By ensuring proper lubrication, the performance and longevity of pillow block bearings can be significantly improved. Proper lubrication reduces friction, wear, and heat, while providing protection against corrosion and contamination. These factors collectively contribute to the extended service life of the bearing. Regular lubrication maintenance, including monitoring the lubricant condition, replenishing or replacing the lubricant as necessary, and following the manufacturer’s recommendations, helps to maximize the service life of the pillow block bearing and optimize its performance.

In summary, proper lubrication is essential for the performance and longevity of pillow block bearings. It reduces friction and wear, dissipates heat, protects against corrosion, and prevents contamination. By maintaining proper lubrication, the pillow block bearing operates smoothly, experiences less wear, and remains protected from external factors, leading to improved performance, extended service life, and enhanced reliability.

China Hot selling China Supply High Speed UCP203 UC210 UC211 UC212 Pillow Block Bearing for Machinery, Agriculture Machinery   bearing exampleChina Hot selling China Supply High Speed UCP203 UC210 UC211 UC212 Pillow Block Bearing for Machinery, Agriculture Machinery   bearing example
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